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Tammy Johnston
Territory: President and Founder

Hello, my name is Tammy Johnston and I am the founder of Main Street Reps. I have more than 20 years of sales and marketing leadership experience in the gift and publishing industries. My career has progressed from a retailer, to a rep on the road, to the vice president at multiple publishers. My experience has given me a unique view of both sides of the business: how to sell product in as well as sell it out. I saw an opportunity to create a more dynamic, modern and professional rep group that offers retailers and manufacturers more in quality and service – welcome to Main Street Reps.

Before starting Main Street Reps, I spoke to many retailers and asked them what they wanted from a rep.  Their feedback was overwhelming - they all wanted someone who was honest, knowledgeable and reliable. Someone to help streamline the buying process, take the time to learn their business, make focused presentations, respect their time and be responsive to customer service issues when they arise.  What they described was as a full service partner, someone to help choosing the right product for their store, provides helpful ideas on promotion, events and merchandising, someone who is truly interested in helping their business not only survive but grow. What they described formed the basis of Main Street Reps, a new group with a holistic approach that could provide sales, marketing, online resources / ordering and most importantly professionalism to an often aging and outdated industry – We launched Main Street Reps in 2009 and we haven’t looked back since. 

At Main Street Reps we are working hard to become a one stop resource for retailers by having the most professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable team in the business and a truly useful website where retailers can get the information they need quickly and easily. Whether it’s browsing through online vendor catalogs, reviewing their ordering history or ordering online – we aim to provide the best online resources of any rep group in the country.

We have 10 experienced independent sales reps on the road covering all 6 New England states & Upstate New York. We invest heavily in new technology and are continually refining our systems to suit the needs of our vendors and retailers alike. For prospective vendors, I can confidently say the vendors we work closely with every day love the attention, professionalism and technical savvy we offer – not to mention the most important reason why they recommend us to others – the healthy increase in their New England & Upstate New York sales!