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Tammy and Biscuit!I’m Tammy Johnston, founder of Main Street Reps. With more than 30 years of leadership in sales and marketing in gifts and publishing—from Krikorian Miller and Random House to Candlewick Press—I know both sides of the business: how to sell in and how to sell out. I saw a unique opportunity to put together a different sort of rep group that offered retailers more in quality and service. In 2009 I founded Main Street Reps! 

I bring unique and broad experience to the venture. While I have held senior level positions at major book publishing houses for 20 years, my roots are in the gift rep business. In 1989 I started out as the New Hampshire gift rep for Krikorian Miller & Associates. I joined Random House in 1990 as a field rep and, in 1992, was promoted to National Accounts in New York City. In 1995 I joined Candlewick Press, the award-winning independent children’s book publisher, as VP of Sales, becoming VP of Sales and Marketing and Associate Publisher. In 2004 I joined innovativeKids as VP of Sales. I came full circle in 2007, returning to Krikorian Miller as the Director of Field Sales, renewing my interest in the gift rep field.

I love working with publishers as they put so much love and effort into every title they publish, and want to share the stories behind those books with retailers so that they can hand sell them more effectively. While most independent sales reps spend little time on each title or product, our independent sales team tell their customers why a book, toy or gift is special and what makes it saleable. We share our excitement for our products so that retailers can pass it on to their customers!

Before I started out on this venture I spoke to many retailers and asked them what they wanted and needed from their independent sales reps.  They said they want dependability - someone who will show up for appointments. Help streamlining the buying process as it can be overwhelming.  Someone who will take the time to learn their business and come in with a focused presentation. Respect for their time.  An extensive knowledge of their lines. Finally, strong and fast follow up on customer service issues as retailers don't have time to chase reps for help!

I asked them what's missing from most rep groups - ease of ordering and after hours support was the biggest complaint. They said they are so busy, especially now as money is tight so many retailers have had to reduce staff, and they just can't keep up with the ordering and customer service.  They want their independent sales reps to be a full service partner - help them with choosing the right product for the store and assist them in promotion, events, merchandising, and more.  Not someone who just comes into their stores 2 or 3 times a year to sell and that's it. They want an independent sales rep who is truly interested in helping their business survive and grow!

I look forward to working with you all to help the Main Streets of New England and Upstate New York survive and thrive!

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